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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Perth beatmaker Ta-ku makes his return with his new single, Notice. The musician is also hosting a one hour variety show, live right now on the Future Classic Twitch channel.

The vulnerable and tender lyricism of the release paired with soul-soaked vocal harmonies create a perfect R&B soundscape, complete with warm bass lines infused between crystal-clear kicks and hi-hat snaps. The song comments on receiving love and feeling seen and is accompanied by a self-directed visual.

“Inspired by the relationship I have with my father - 'Notice' is the song my younger self would sing if he knew that he could. No relationship is perfect but sometimes it's nice to say exactly what you feel. I think this is the most I've ever used my voice on a track - and while I'm still growing as an artist this feels like new territory for me that I'm more than excited to keep exploring." the musician shared of the release.

To celebrate his new single Ta-ku is currently hosting a livestream for Ta-ku's Variety Hour. The musician will be hosting a variety of guests including ALAYNA, SUBECK, JAEL, Pastels, Kickback & The Sundrop Garden.

Notice is out now!


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