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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

UK-based alt-rock trio Superlove have dropped their latest offering, Untouchable. The band have also announced the release of their upcoming self-titled EP, due out this November.

The five-track release will see the band continue their perfect blend of harmonious pop within a rock infused soundscape whilst exploring deep hitting themes. Bringing their certain brand of charm to each release, the EP was recorded over a year ago, with frontman Jacob Rice sharing, "We’ve been so excited for the release of this EP for so long now. We finished recording the songs over a year ago so it honestly feels good to finally say it’s coming out."

When speaking of the EP, Rice added: "Songs like ‘Untouchable’ and ‘Life is Great’ are definitely a step into a direction of music we’re wanting to explore a lot more moving forward, we can’t wait to see the reaction to that side of the band. We’ve always wanted to keep things as diverse as we can in order to keep it interesting for ourselves and our audience. We’re so proud of all of these songs and what they represent to us. We hope they can bring a lot of positivity into peoples lives and provide some form of escapism for people who need it right now."

With over 400,000 streams to their name, the band have shared the stage with the likes of Roam, Dream State, Stand Atlantic & Vukovi.

Superlove is out November 13. Untouchable is out now, listen to the track below.


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