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Image: Supplied.

Los Angeles four-piece Super Space Nation have dropped their new single, Transparent Love. Influenced by late 90's-early 2000's rock, the track conceptually explores communication within relationships, and the importance of taking accountability and not placing blame on one another.

The track arrives alongside a colourful visual, with the band performing the track from a nostalgia fuelled studio. The set was designed to highlight the bands three signature colours, with VHS style cut-in-shots that highlight each band members individual personalities.

“Even with our chosen colors and everything, our overall vibe is very much our response to the overt machismo and self seriousness that’s been portrayed in rock for so long,” frontman Evan Vogel shares. “People being like ‘Oh, I’m so cool’ gets old. We’re just trying to be genuine to ourselves. If we tried to emulate what’s cool to other bands, it wouldn’t just be disingenuous, it would be perpetuating the toxic masculinity that’s been prevalent in pop punk for decades.”

Transparent Love is out now! Watch the visual below.

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