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Watch the visual for I Got A Thing For You below!

Image: Supplied.

Gold Coast-based First Nations artist, Sunny Luwe has shared her new single, I Got A Thing For You. The track serves as the latest taste of the singers freshly announced debut album, Flowers in the Sky, due out this October.

"Flowers in the Sky is a dream come true. It might be strange to hear, but once upon a time, I believed I could never make an album. I thought it was an unobtainable fantasy, but now it's real!" Luwe shares of her forthcoming body of work.

Recorded at Neil Finn's renowned Roundhead Studio in New Zealand with ARIA-winning producer Steven Schram and written alongside, empowering and sultry lyricism unfurls throughout with Luwe's compelling performance luring you in. A simmering funk-leaning bass line strides throughout the the singers latest offering, as she puts a sensual spin on slinky 80's sonics that oozes with an enigmatic presence. The release arrives alongside an official visual, which echos the songs provocative nature.

“I Got A Thing For You is inspired by my favourite Nancy Sinatra track. Last year I got obsessed with music from the 60s and 70s and Nancy appeared in my discovery weekly. This sexy, flirty track of hers, 'Kind of a Woman' came on and I was hooked from the get-go.” Luwe shares.

Flowers in the Sky is out October 11. Watch the visual for I Got A Thing For You below.


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