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Listen to the track below!

Image: Margot Stewart.

Australian pop artist, Sophia Petro has dropped her new single, Rosé Glow. Produced and mixed by Gabrielle Emery (EMEREE) and mastered by Darren Ziesing, the track serves as the latest taste of the singers forthcoming EP, The 11th Hour.

Across the carefree track, Petro documents the excitement of a night out with friends - from getting ready together to hitting the dance-floor and basking in the rush and glow of meeting someone and the simmering lust that arises. Whilst the tracks mixing could use some work and there's the occasional clichéd lyric, the singers clear vocals cut through bubblegum-pop production to create a vibrant soundscape that will have you bopping along.

“Gabrielle put down a vibe (the iconic guitar lick at the beginning of the track) and I pulled up my notes app on my phone and started writing down lyric ideas. We wrote up until the end of the first chorus and then I took it home and wrote the remainder of the song that very night because I was so inspired!” Petro shares.

Inspired by the likes of Taylor Swift, Maisie Peters, and Gretta Ray, the Melbourne-based artist made her debut earlier this year with Memory Of You. Followed up quickly by Leave, Petro is beginning to find her feet within her artistry and carve out a pop-based path with each release.

Rosé Glow is out now!


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