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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Jess Wharehinga.

Perth duo SLUMBERJACK are back with a whole lot of goodness for their fans! Not only have the duo returned with two new tracks, they've also announced the release of their debut album! Delivering standout tracks within their discography, the duo collaborate with Tailor on Memory, which comes alongside a b-side, The Reprise. The tracks are set to appear on their highly-anticipated forthcoming record, Dichotomy, due out later this year.

On the track, UK singer-songwriter-producer Tailor brings his airy and captivating vocals, atop the duos signature pinpoint production. Speaking of the release, the duo share: “2020 gave us a lot of time to reflect and spending a ton of time at home made us realise that memories are really the only thing we ever have - they’re what makes us who we are. We wanted to capture that feeling of uplifting nostalgia and bittersweetness that comes with remembering the past. We used a lot of analogue synth emulations to get that fuzzy, comforting, warm tone and Tailor’s airy vocals on the chorus really drive it home.”

Released alongside a B-side titled The Reprise, the duo explore darker sonics, create an eerily melancholic soundscape. The track then lifts with the introduction of big bass beats, crossing analogue and digital sounds.

Boasting over 150+ million streams across their releases to date, as well as certified Gold records for both their SLUMBERJACK EP and hit single Fracture, the duo continue to deliver works suitable for the biggest stages in the world. Continuing to collaborate with a wide range of local talent including Alison Wonderland, What So Not, KLP, and Daniel Johns to name a few, SLUMBERJACK have become an integral part of the Australian dance scene. Adored worldwide for their continued innovation across genres, SLUMBERJACK have earned themselves multiple Hype Machine number ones.

Memory and The Reprise are out now! Listen to Memory below.


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