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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: David Herington.


Aussie band Skegss have dropped their third and final single of 2020, Wake Up.

Changing it up from their regular sonics of surf rock, the band have crated a downtempo track that conceptually navigates being honest and upfront with yourself, instead of making excuses. The guitar-led track perfectly showcases frontman Ben Reed’s distinct vocals, raw and emotionally present, whilst also showcasing the bands finest songwriting to date

The release is accompanied by a stunning visual, filmed within the Australian landscape depicting the band digging holes, symbolising the holes we can often dig ourselves into, trying our hardest to find our way out. Directed by Jamieson Kerr, the music video captures the Australian spirit of camaraderie, creating beautiful moments between the trio, filmed in and around the South Golden Beach and the Byron Bay Hinterland. Reed even downs a bottle of milk midway through the visual… pretty darn MILKY if you ask us.

Speaking of the release, the band shared: "This song is about waking up to yourself instead of having excuses for things cos you're worried it could cause more harm but it's okay to do things for yourself you're allowed to change your mind and not let anyone make you feel bad about it. The shovels in the video kind if represent everyone carrying invisible shovels in real life You can dig yourselfs holes and you can dig yourself out. Sometimes you need a bit of help getting out, it’s okay to call out for a bit of help if ya need it.”

Wake Up is out now! Watch the music video below.


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