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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied

Punk band SCABZ have dropped their rowdy new track, Guess Who?

Packed with riotous guitar riffs, frenzied drums and an saxophone provided by True Vibenation’s Vuli, lead singer Siobhan Poynton brings political commentary to the satirical track. The song comes from the bands debut record, Pressure, due out next month.

Talking about the track, Poynton shared: “I was walking down King Street one day and just so happened to end up behind a pack of coppers doing the rounds of an early afternoon, going into every pub, checking in on ‘safety’ and hassling people at the train station. They all seemed to get along so well and enjoy each other’s company, even though everyone else wanted them to piss off. And I remember thinking it must be a real particular kind of person from a young age who wants to be a cop, and that would make a funny song. So, I popped into the pub Loz works at, and we started writing the lyrics.”

Last year, the band from Newtown five shows back-to-back sets at the King Street Crawl, equalling the events record for the most amount of sets performed. SCABZ have also performed nationwide at festivals such as Yours & Owls Festival, Festival of the Sun, BIGSOUND and Bad Friday, and shared the stage with local legends Skegss and Ruby Fields.

Guess Who? Is out now.


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