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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The release is accompanied by a Q&A between Smith and the legendary Cyndi Lauper, dubbed In Conversation with Sam Smith and Cyndi Lauper.

Image: Alasdair McLellan

Powerhouse vocalist Sam Smith has just released his latest recordings, a collection of songs titled Love Goes: Live At Abbey Road Studios. The intimate 12 track set sees Smith re-explore his third album Love Goes, backed by a full band, the multi-award winning artist gives a fresh take on beloved tracks such as Diamonds, Promises, Kids Again and Dancing With A Stranger, including a special performance with singer Labrinth on the title track.

It is well regarded that Sam Smith has a voice that could be the soundtrack to any situation in life, but ultimately with his album Love Goes you couldn’t help but bust a move. With the live interpretation now available we can recreate that element of a live show, something that has been lacking over the past year, a vibrant energetic feel that only live music can bring. Listening to the Love Goes: Live At Abbey Road Studios album you wouldn’t be mistaken to think you could actually be at a live concert, directly referencing My Oasis which features actor/director Jade Anouka.

Another stellar moment on the album comes in the form of Time After Time. We gain insight into the recording of the track thanks to the live video performance on YouTube. Accompanied by a video with Cyndi Lauper titled In Conversation with Sam Smith and Cyndi Lauper, the two mega stars discuss the song itself, the cover and making music in lockdown. Smith’s collaboration with Labrinth on Love Goes is another charming album highlight, that can also be seen performed live here. The vinyl edition of the live album also features an additional recording of Young.

Be sure to check out Love Goes: Live At Abbey Road Studios for a sublime take on already well loved tracks and be sure to watch the live performance of Time After Time and Love Goes below.


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