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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Image: Vince Myo M. Aung.

American musician Role Model has treated fans with the announcement of his hotly anticipated debut album, Rx, set to arrive this April. Alongside the news comes a brand new offering from the record with if jesus saves, she’s my type.

The musical project of Tucker Pillsbury, the musicians latest offering showcases Role Model's dynamic artistry, exisiting within a pop-based sonic realm. The track conceptually, compares falling in love to finding religion, offering a teaser into the thematic exploration of Rx. The record is set to explore the power of a woman, laced with elements of religion, sex and love. Directed by Dylan Knight, the songs visual sees Pillsbury take on the role of a preacher, as he encounters a woman who metaphorically symbolises Jesus.

Speaking of the track, Pillsbury shares: “As much as I love being alone, I think even the strongest people have a breaking point. I spent years completely alone and got to a point where I needed help, which later came in the form of a girl, who I fell in love with. This song is that stage of desperation that I felt could be compared to the way some people find God. When you're on your knees just begging for something or someONE. It sets up the album perfectly.”

Bursting onto the scene in 2017, Role Model has two EP's under his belt, 2019's oh, how perfect and 2020's our little angel EP. The musician has worked alongside the likes of BENEE, with fans including his late idol Mac Miller and Benny Blanco.

Rx is out April 8! Watch the visual for if jesus saves, she’s my type below.


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