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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Crown & Owls.

Emerning R&B artist Rasharn Powell has unveiled his debut mixtape, Dusk &


Across eleven tracks, Powell showcases two sides of his inner-self. Where 'Dusk' dissects stories of vulnerability and love, 'Dawn' documents the musicians personal battles, overcoming his inner demons. Powell's multi-octave range shines throughout the release, laced with introspective moments playing out above mesmerising R&B soundscapes.

Speaking of the release, the musician shares: “Dusk and Dawn has been the way I’ve described my music ever since I dropped Warm in These Blue Jeans, so it seemed only fitting to give this label to my body of work. It’s an honest depiction of my life, my love and heartbreak. I wanted to prove to myself that when making songs, it can take any form, as long as it feels right to me. There’s all these rules and things people say you’re meant to do when making music, but I’m not afraid to break them.”

Dusk & Dawn is out now! Listen to the release below.


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