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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Melbourne songwriter Quiet Blue has shared another glimpse into his debut EP with the release of his new single, The Nights. The track fuses together lush production with emotive lyricism that explores the introspective thoughts of the late hours.

Speaking on the release, the musician shares: 'When everyone else is asleep it can feel pretty lonely, and all of my thoughts can sort of spin out of control, all of a sudden I sometimes find myself plagued by anguish over something that happened 5 years ago, something I said or something that was said to me or a situation that I wish had a different outcome. The Nights sort of details how I’ve come to understand this process and grow not to fear it: the sun may have set where I am and it may feel lonely and severe but really the sun is rising somewhere else, things keep moving and changing and it’s not my place to be lost in thought about what has been or what could have been.'

The musical project of Nic Georgiou, Quiet Blue is an exploration of electronic music, delving deeper into the world of production, creating raw and intimate soundscapes which soundtrack Georgiou's unique style of lyricism. Last year, the musician dropped his debut single The Likeness of You followed up by two more singles, including Thinking It Over. The latter saw Georgiou undertake a tour to promote the track, which culminated in a sold-out show in Melbourne.

Currently, Georgiou is gearing up for the release of his debut EP, Before Dawn, set to be released next month. The six track release will continue the singers experimentation and avenue of sound present on Hollow and The Nights.

The Nights is out now! Listen to the song below.


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