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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Listen to the track now, exclusively on MILKY!

Image: Supplied.

Australian singer Romanie has just dropped her new single, Stranger In My Skin. If you're hanging for the visual, you can watch the music video right here on MILKY before its release!

Set to appear on her forthcoming EP Little Big Steps, the track navigates feelings of loneliness and isolation, feeling seperate from the world and those around you. The songs visual, directed by Richard Clifford, mirrors these themes, placing the singer within a vast dessert land. Donning an avant-garde costume, we follow Romanie as she traverses the land throughout the cinematic visual.

Speaking of the clip, Romanie details: "Rick and I decided we wanted to step up our game with video clip creation and I had this idea where I wanted to film the videos in the desert (as a sort of metaphor for being lonely and in an alienated space). The vision for a desert, empty space felt so true to my time in lockdown where my head was just empty. The days all felt the same, just like the view in the desert. Everywhere you look, it’s just sand (more beautiful than my time in lockdown).

From our original conversation about the desert, Rick had this idea of getting a designer involved to make a stand out outfit, to contrast everything that is so bare in the sand. When I think about it now it’s so fitting because when you feel sad, the outside world can think you’re doing perfectly fine. People that find themself in a depression will not show it a lot of the time. Rick contacted his friend Lucie, the wonderful designer behind Marda Label and she designed a surrealistic bright red, tulle outfit for me.

Because everything in the song is about feeling strange and lonely, we decided that I (who cannot dance in the slightest) would perform an interpretive dance in the Big Drift at Wilsons Prom. We went early in the morning and left after sunset so the whole operation was challenging but I think the results are incredible. We went with just the two of us so even the trip into the Big Drift with our cart full of stage lighting and camera gear was a challenge in itself.

Rick also had the fantastic idea to translate some phrases in the clip into my native language (Flemish) to stress the feeling of strangeness, being foreign etc. Stranger In My Skin is all about that - the clip is the personification of the (bad) dream world where you find yourself in when you feel depressed. We shot some scenes with a mirror in front of my head to talk about self reflection."

Watch the visual below! Little Big Steps is out August 13.


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