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Watch the visual below, exclusively on MILKY!

Image: Supplied.

Melbourne-based artist Powloh has dropped his new single, Paris Green. If you're loving the track and hanging to see the visual, you can watch the music video right here on MILKY!

Influenced by 'd-grade' films from the 1980's, Powloh took on the role of director and editor for the clip, in which he also stars. Capturing the tracks distinct nostalgic aura, the clip showcases the multi-instrumentalist in his element, jumping between instruments surrounded by speakers and glistening backdrops.

“I made this music video with my partner Meags and we filmed it on an old Sony VX2000 video camera, a camera most known for its use in filming skate videos. We did the set design in our dining room and I designed the lighting. This was our first time doing set design and

programming lights so the whole thing was a huge learning experience.” The musician shares.

“I was even looking up old movies on IMDB but going to the lowest rated ones and locking in and appreciating the time, money and effort that went into these atrocious films that didn’t hit their mark, and I found myself being drawn to the aesthetic and art in context of our current time.”

Fuelled by a funky bass line and Powloh's entrancing vocals, the textural track oozes with groove-laden melodies and production. Paris Green finds the musician exploring his own vulnerability and power, drawing on past experiences to capture that juxtaposition within.

Watch the visual below!


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