Watch the visual below, exclusively on MILKY!

Image: Supplied.

Sydney-based indie-pop artist Pluto Jonze recently unveiled his new A/B side Moonmaking/Dot. If you're loving the tracks, we've got you covered! You can watch Moonmaking (Live on the Lightscape Piano) right here on MILKY before its release!

Bringing together Jonze's mesmerising vocals and moving piano work, we meet the singer seated at a lone piano in the woods, which illuminates as the musician plays. The track builds to a sparse solo, influenced by the likes of 20th century French Romantic composers Erik Satie and Claude Debussy, before erupting with a frenzied guitar line. The clip is the first in a series of Lightscape Piano performances from the singer.

Speaking of the visual, the musician shares with MILKY: "This project nearly killed me in more ways than one. Between being electrocuted, crushed (NEVER try moving a piano yourself!) and bogged / stranded in the bush, creating these Lightscape Piano videos has been a wild ride. If I'd have known how hard it would be, I doubt I would have embarked in the first place! But here we are 18 months after doing my first tests and buying a piano on gumtree for $50. I'm so proud of how it's turned out - part instrument, part light installation, part death trap :)"

Watch the visual below!