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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Listen to the track here, first on MILKY!

Image: Shelley Horan.

Melbourne based alt-pop artist/producer Zellen is about to drop her new single, Down At The Shady. If you can’t wait to hear it, listen to the track right here on MILKY!

The atmospheric release creates tension with haunting piano melodies, before strings, woozy horns and menacing guitars take over. Zellen's bewitching vocals take centre stage, as she captures the inner late-night thoughts of abandon, heartache and political exasperation. Meandering between notes of hope and despair, the track was largely improvised and was inspired by the singers own experiences working at a bar during and captures the intimacy of the bartender-patron relationship.

Speaking of the track, the singer shares: "Upon writing the track, The federal government had just axed the 'Department of the Arts', sending a message to artists that said 'we don't value you!'. There was smoke in the air from the devastating Black Summer bushfires in Victoria, where musicians, artists and bars were some of the first communities to assist fundraising efforts. The government's inaction on climate change just added to the blow. I could feel the despair amongst my friends, and The Shady was a haven where community and Pina Coladas offered some temporary respite amongst the chaos."

Listen to Down At The Shady below!


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