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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Listen to the track now, exclusively on MILKY!

Image: Supplied.

No Nomad are gearing up for the release of their new single, Ghost. If you’re like us and can’t wait, listen to the track right here on MILKY before its release!

Speaking of the track, the band share exclusively with MILKY: “This tune evolved a lot from an early demo in our rehearsal sessions jamming different ideas and sections. We wanted to capture the raw and energetic mood of these sessions when we decided to record them, so we tracked the song live with us all playing together at once. This was something we hadn't done before on our older releases, but it was really fun and came together thanks to the set up at Poons Head Studios, and our friend Nick Ireland who engineered and mixed the track. We feed off of each other a lot when we're playing, interplay is definitely a big part of our sound, so it made a lot of sense for us to put the song together this way. Groove has always sat at the core of this tune, our drummer Cam took a lot of inspiration from Nate Smith in his part and you can feel that. Clancy's lyrics really cut through quite directly, and I think the rest of the band were pretty blown away when we first heard some of her melodies. We also reached out to our friend Julia Wallace (check out her solo project!) to lend some trumpet on the tune, she killed it and provided just the right finishing touch. This song, and the other single that'll follow it, are the tracks we're most proud of to date."

Ghost is the first of two singles coming in 2021 for No Nomad. The track began as an early demo featured the guitar line over an old soul breakbeat, brought to life with rampant drums, lush rhodes, and Jamerson-esque bass runs.The six-piece experimented with live recording for the first time on the release.

No Nomad formed in 2018, and released debut EP Kayak a year later. Regular shows, notable support slots, and 2020’s Subterrain / Arctic Beauty Kiwi have seen the band craft a dynamic and mellow blend of soul, jazz and alternative sounds. Sets across Perth and the southwest region have garnered an engaged local following amongst WA’s emergent and thriving nu jazz, soul, and genre blending scene. Their efforts have gained critical and overseas attention, and were a Triple J Unearthed feature artist in 2020. The band take inspiration from the likes of Stereolab, Portishead, and Bill Evans among murky waters of influence. The band have kept things tight-knit since their inception,embracing the DIY dogma on early releases and collaborations.

Listen to Ghost below.


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