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Listen to the EP now, exclusively on MILKY!

Image: Tara Johnson.

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Jacob Fitzgerald is set to unveil his sophomore EP, Pretend I'm Cool. If you’re like us and can’t wait, listen to the EP here on MILKY before its release!

Opening with Pretty Good For My Mind Fitzgerald dives head first into vibrant 80's influenced sounds, introducing us to a brighter, pop-infused approach from the musician. Bringing a storytelling approach to vivid and witty lyricism, the track tells the tale of two young lovers meeting for the first time, a story inspired by Fitzgerald's parents. Made complete with animated vocoder backing vocals, infectious melodies are laced throughout, with warm guitars driving the song.

The EP's title track, Pretend I’m Cool, takes a funky turn bringing in brazen horns that compliment Fitzgerald's sultry and confident vocal performance. Never Just Sex weaves in subtle threads of country, exploring the state of a relationship, before a return to the acoustic sounds of his debut on Catching Lightning. The track documents that first feeling of new love, brought to life by Fitzgerald's bewitching vocals and accompanied by sweet piano melodies and mesmerising acoustic guitar.

The dulcet sonics of Catching Lightning are immediately juxtaposed by the hearty guitars and driving percussion of Lonely. Taking a more indie-rock approach, Fitzgerald channels Tyne-James Organ with his hypnotic vocal performance and sonic trajectory. On Love Hurts, the musician offers up his most vulnerable moment, with the EP's closer, Bit of a Mess, taking the release to a crescendo.

Speaking of the release, the musician shares with MILKY: “There’s lots I could say about this EP. I’m so proud and I love each track with my whole heart. I guess Pretend I’m Cool really feels like a step in a new direction for the music I’ve been making. Incorporating the big band sound we’ve been building towards really shines through on this project and feels like it’s really taken a life of its own. I’m excited for how people will receive it and to hear the personality of each player that’s been on the track. The band and I really want to rock. To make music with passion, heart and an ability to slip an earworm onto anyone that stumbles upon our music. This is very much a new “Jacob Fitzgerald”. It’s a chapter that I’m excited to explore and for listeners to experience with me.”

Pretend I'm Cool places Fitzgerald's vocals centre stage, with his smooth and captivating performance ringing throughout the collection of songs. Intricately weaving together a number of musical influences, ranging from indie-rock to nostalgic pop and country to folk, offering up a rich and textural sonic exploration made complete with earworm melodies that will be stuck in your head for weeks to come.

Listen to Pretend I'm Cool below!


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