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Listen to the track now, exclusively on MILKY!

Image: Annelise Sarah

Singer-songwriter Halley Neal is set to release her new single this week, Birthday. If you can’t wait to give the track a spin, listen to the song right here on MILKY before its release!

Taken from the singers forthcoming, self-titled debut album, Birthday is influenced by upbeat tunes by Phoebe Bridgers and HAIM, whilst also weaving in hints of the vintage full-band style of Grateful Dead as well. Conceptually, the track calls out the current state of an old broken relationship and diffuses the sadness that goes along with not getting a call on your birthday from someone you once loved.

Speaking of the track, Neal shares: "Writing and navigating the production for “Birthday” felt like I was diving into a musical space that I hadn’t quite reached before. We originally wrote it as a super serious heartbreak ballad and then set it aside; when my producer started with the idea of turning it into this upbeat 70’s alt-rock inspired tune, I just ran with it. I love that through the production of this song, my producer Julie Papili managed to diffuse the sad lyrics with open, airy background vocals and electric guitar parts. Recording this song was one of my favorite sessions we did for the album, we did it all in one day in the little studio that we had at my old place in Nashville, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with the world!"

Listen to Birthday below!


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