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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual, premiering now on MILKY!

Image: Dom Gould

Brisbane band Friends of Friends have delivered their new single, Way Out. If you’re loving the track hanging to see the visual, the songs music video is premiering right here on MILKY!

The track conceptually explores feelings of disassociation and self-loathing, and the anxiety that arises when faced with social situations. Conversational lyricism flows above a sonic marriage of UK garage and brit-pop influences, with frontman and songwriter Barnaby Baker's captivating vocals biting above.

“This track is my absolute favourite,” says Baker. “The lyrics are a series of memories I have about going out to raves and house parties only to end up staring into the bathroom mirror halfway through the night, wondering why I went out. I struggle with derealisation, especially in busy environments like parties, and I often feel as though I’m stuck watching myself in third person and can’t switch off the autopilot. This track is a little dark and cathartic at times, but ultimately it’s a tongue-in-cheek take on wanting to stay home and instead finding yourself asking pointless metaphysical questions at a party you’ve begrudgingly gone to.”

The songs visual captures the songs thematic exploration, as we meet Baker suburban house party, unimpressed with the company and social standards of going out. Capturing the musicians dynamic performance, the clip will have you longing to attend one of Friends of Friends live shows!

Watch the visual below!


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