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Listen to the EP now, exclusively on MILKY!

Image: Supplied.

Maxwell Byrne, the musical mind behind Golden Vessel, has unveilied his new side-project, 1tbsp. With his debut EP, kanashī, set to drop tomorrow, if you’re a fan like us and can’t wait, listen to the full EP right here on MILKY before its release!

Having released the EP's lead single last month, the four track release is a collection of songs that traverses lo-fi house and indie dance. Fusing together these two sonic approaches, Byrne delivers a superb body of work. The musician began working on the EP in 2019, whist on tour in Europe. Moving away from the usual styles he explores with Golden Vessel, kanashī allowed the musician to broaden his musical scope, tackling a new writing process which at times proved to be challenging.

Speaking of the release, Byrne shares: “I’ve been sitting on this EP for almost a year now and finally have the chance to put it out! I started making it while I was in Europe at the end of 2019. It now seems to really coincide with these sumoclic nights that Akurei and I are throwing here in Brisbane and it feels as though house music is having a big moment here which is exciting. It has also been really nice to work outside of the Golden Vessel project and have new limitations. With Golden Vessel I’d try to make the songs as concise as possible but with these songs have more room to breathe, I can make them longer, more simple and repetitive, which can in a way be more challenging.”

Listen to Kanashi below!


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