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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Tommy Thoms

With their return to the stage taking place in only a matter of weeks, Polish Club have treated fans with their brand new track, Just Talking.

On their first release of 2020, the guitar-led track is a carefree summer vibe, breezing in just at the right time. The feel good track is all about sitting back and relaxing, with David Novak sharing insight into the theme of the track, “Why the hell am I angry, what are we even doing? Let’s just relax and speak to each other like normal people. I’d be a hell of a lot less stressed and things would probably be better for all if everyone just calmed down and listened to each other, myself included.”

Written after the release of their massive sophomore record, Iguana, the duo leaned into their impulse when it came to writing new material. “We had found ourselves overthinking songs, so it was instinctual to shut that down and go back to writing whatever felt right. Songs that sound effortless do so because they were effortless to write. It’s near impossible to fake that,” Novak reflects.

The band will continue the stripped back approach exhibited on Just Talking, adding “We’ve been writing in a more stripped back environment and it has resulted in music that has to stand up on its own merit with just melody and beat over some chords. That simplicity and directness permeates through the lyrics and message.”

Just Talking is out now! Listen to the track below and find all the details for Polish Club's upcoming shows.

POLISH CLUB - LIVE, LAUGH, LIVE! Tickets Tuesday, 17 November

Factory Theatre, Sydney NSW (early)

Tuesday, 17 November,

Factory Theatre, Sydney NSW (late) 

Wednesday, 18 November

Factory Theatre, Sydney NSW (early) - SOLD OUT

Wednesday, 18 November

Factory Theatre, Sydney NSW (late) 


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