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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


They've put together a playlist featuring some of New Jersey's greatest!

Image: Supplied.

New Jersey-born, Brooklyn-based trio The Happy Fits have just dropped their double single, Another Try / Cold Turkey. To celebrate the release, the band have curated an exclusive playlist for MILKY, full of their favourite 'Jersey artists. Listen to the playlist below and check out why The Happy Fits' love these tracks!

1. Roses - What can we say… we love Phoneboy! They are the nicest, funniest dudes and we’re excited to see how their music evolves. It’s pure, catchy indie-rock fun.

2. Leaves – We love Joe P! We went on tour with Deal Casino a while back and got to bond with them. We’re so happy that he’s been blowing up all over TikTok. He makes all his music by himself and is such a great producer.

3. Seventeen – Sharon Van Etten actually went to our same high school. She has such a hauntingly beautiful voice and this song almost always brings me to tears.

4. Peachy – GHOSTHAUS, formerly known as Shoobies, have been band friends of ours since the beginning. We met at a Battle of The Bands at The Stone Pony (Bruce Springsteen’s old stomping ground) and from there played so many raucous house shows and even collabed on our Achey Bones music video.

5. Lone Star – The Front Bottoms are Jersey legends. Any punk from our scene knows the Front Bottoms and they certainly helped pave the way for DIY acts like us.

6. Shotgun – The first time I saw Sonic Blume was at The Saint in Absury Park. I remember being so jealous of how good their songs were and how they could make any crowd instantly start moshing. We’ve played our holiday show with them as well as a few DIY venues and they are always a great time.

7. Risk It All – Our drummer Luke used to drum with Zach before joining our band. We toured with Zach around the east coast and Canada a few Summer’s ago and he is such a cool guy.

8. She’s the One – Bruce Springsteen needs no introduction.

9. I’m On Fire - *inserts crying emoji*

10. Teenagers – My Chemical Romance was my middle school experience. They are the ultimate band for outcasts and for those that think they don’t belong. Long live MCR.

11. Year 3000 – I can’t explain how many hours I watched The Jonas Brothers on Disney channel growing up. Camp Rock will forever be the best Disney Channel original film.

12. Old Friends – Pinegrove just made it big when we started making music together so everywhere we would DIY tour when we said we were from Jersey everyone would come up to us after and ask if we knew them. We never met them but hopefully one day!

13. Freaking Out – We’re pretty close with the drummer Billy of The Wrecks and we hope to play a show with them sometime in the future. They are so awesome and its crazy to think they produce all of their stuff.

14. Suddenly – DUMMY are our best friends. We’re so pumped for their project and we can’t wait to see where they go.

15. Gun in My Hand – Parlor Mob is SO heavy. I can’t wait to see them live in the future.

16. Photographs of Johnny – Connor is the nicest guy ever. We met at a show in Delaware and have been in touch since. They absolutely EXPLODE on stage.

Another Try / Cold Turkey is out now! Listen below.


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