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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Music We Were Listening To When We Made Bambi, Vol. I

Image: Supplied.

Melbourne hip hop collective FREAKCLUB recently dropped their debut EP Bambi Vol. I, full of songs to get you grooving all weekend long. To celebrate the release, the six piece have curated an exclusive playlist for MILKY, full of tracks they were listening to whilst making the EP.

"Bambi, Vol. I was a project made out of creative desperation. We had all been making music separately for quite some time when we all linked up in Melbourne and decided to really give the idea of a collective a go. We had moved in together before we had all sat down in a room together so the energy surrounding the project was ‘we hungry’ from the get go." the group share.

"Bambi Vol I’ by itself is only half the story. The idea was to create a project like nothing that had ever come out of Australia before and create a group and environment that had the same cultural impact as some of the groups that came before us, Odd Future, A$AP Mob, Sad Boys or Brockhampton to name a few"


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