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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Jacqueline Clarke Mitchell

Sydney-based experimental duo Plastic Face, the musical project of Pete Stals and Will Coleman, have dropped their new single, BACK2TOKYO.

Written and produced by the duo themselves, the atmospheric track is an exploration of falling into old habits and battling your inner critic, before finding your way back to the right path. Made complete with catchy melodies and memorable hooks, you'll be blasting BACK2TOKYO on repeat this long weekend.

Speaking of the track, Stals shares: “Our second single BACK2TOKYO, like all of our tracks, is 100% totally open to the listener’s interpretation. For us, this song was inspired by making the same mistakes over and over. We’ve used Tokyo as a metaphorical state of mind in which it can be interpreted as going back to old relationships you know are toxic, putting up with some horrendous job, or trying to manage addictions.”

The release comes alongside a cinematic visual, taking viewers on a dive deep into the murky underground. Meandering through an eerie house, the visual is open to interpretation, with strong visuals and symbols present to guide you along the way. “Our magnificent friend Sean Clancy Donovan wrote, directed and produced this unique music video." Coleman enthuses. "This clip could be riddled with symbolic metaphors, or it could simply be a beautiful and seductive witch performing some ritualistic torture of unsuspecting masked individuals. The concept is yours to decide. Either way it’s a visual feast for your hungry eyeballs and we absolutely love it.”

BACK2TOKYO is out now! Watch the visual below.


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