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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The band will release their debut album next month!

Image: Faolán Carey

Dublin's queer indie-rock band Pillow Queens have released another track from their upcoming album, In Waiting. Their new single Holy Show explores feelings of remorse when reflecting on past situations.

On the track, the band share: “‘Holy Show’ is a song that relays the feeling of regret and insecurity about past words spoken and actions taken, even when they’re ultimately meaningless. The song tries to articulate the heavy burden of being the only person who is concerned about the minute details of how you present yourself to the world.”

Pillow Queens continue their collaboration with director Kate Dolan, who previously directed Handsome Wife and Gay Girls. Of the project, Dolan shared: “Myself and the girls are all queer so when they asked me to direct something for ‘Holy Show’ we all felt it was time that we made a video that had some positive queer representation. There are often depictions of queer women in the media that really upset me. We are often observed through a male gaze by male directors. They are often hyper sexualised. We wanted to create something that really captured the joyful intimacy between queer women through a female gaze.”

With their Australian fanbase growing with each release, the bands debut album is set for release worldwide on September 25. After four years of perfecting their craft and creating music, the album is a representation of the band members lives. The record is set to be an exploration of love, particularly self-love and queer-love. However, to do so, the record will also explore family, spirituality and politics.

The band formed in 2016 and released their debut EP, Calm Girls. The release captured the attention of Steve Lamacq who called the four piece “deceptively infectious, with sharp hooks and sharp nails”. Since then, they released their follow up EP, State of the State, and have played festivals across Europe. The band are hoping to visit Australia as soon as they can.

In Waiting is out September 25. Watch the music video for Holy Show below!


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