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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Hey Diego is out now!

Image: Vasili Papathanasopoulos.

Melbourne four-piece Teenage Dads have dropped their new single, Hey Diego. To celebrate the release the band have taken MILKY on their Ready, Teddy, Go tour, sharing some behind the scenes snaps from their time on the road.

“’Diego is the friend that everyone needs, as a reminder that it is okay to be weird, to be different, to do things your own way. Diego is almost mythical in this song, saving us from a boring world with rules and norms and bringing us back to reality where it’s ok to be HUMAN.” the four-piece share.

Teenage Dads have announced their Midnight Driving Tour, kicking off at The Zoo in Brisbane on March 4. The east coast run will continue on to Melbourne's Corner Hotel on March 11, before wrapping up at The Metro Theatre in Sydney on March 18. The four-piece will be supported by Noah Dillon and Hallie, with tickets on sale now!

After our splurge at ‘Infinity’ in Gold Coast, we had to dive into one of those bootleg type shops that sells anything and everything. Angus found his dream shirt as pictured. Double thumbs up to that night.

A happy Jordy at the beach on a day off. Surprised he wasn’t captured digging a hole. I can’t remember the exact beach. It was either Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast. Another double thumbs up.

Angus, Connor and I (Vinnie) hiked up Mount Coolum one morning while Jordy stayed in the room finishing off some work. A very pleasant view from up there! You could see the planes landing at the airport too. In this moment we remembered how important it is to stay active while on tour. It’s often hard to find the time but it really helps you keep a clear head and you feel great afterwards!

Hours after the hike, we went to Noosa beach where I ended up in hospital with a separated shoulder. It hurt but luckily it was my left arm so I felt I could still play the shows that weekend. We decided not to tell mgmt in case they pulled the shows LOL.

Here’s our friend Jed showing us around Sunshine Coast. He has so many stories from his touring days with Parkway Drive and he even lets us in on some secret tips to save money while on the road. Always a great time catching up with him up there. Catching up with friends on tour is always a blessing for that matter.

The Lansdowne, Sydney. We played 3 sold out shows there that day. It was so wild for us and we had the best time. We had so little sleep the night before because of the drive from Ulladulla and the early load in, that by the end of the night we were in that delirious state you get in when you’re so tired. Laughing at anything and everything.

Our secret green room in Canberra. A dirt cave.

Connor and I taking shelter in a pool from some feisty plover birds. In Castlemaine we had some time to kill, so we found this empty pool to take photos in. Those plovers didn’t like us very much.

Kirks Kole Beer. Only in WA. When in Rome, right?

Hey Diego is out now!


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