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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Divine is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Mauritian-Australian singer-songwriter, Anieszka has shared her new single, Divine. To celebrate the release, the singer is taking MILKY behind the scenes of the video shoot for the track and we're bringing you along!

"Divine is a song of pure emotion, a song asking someone to trust in the deep connection that is present and to feel everything that comes with it. I wrote this song in a moment of vulnerability, based on what I was feeling for someone. Writing it helped me to better understand what I was feeling, even though it didn’t make any sense to feel so deeply after only knowing this person for a short period of time. It’s crazy, but it’s my truth. I want Divine to be a reminder that real connections exist, that when you come across a person that ignites a love within you that is undeniable – listen to it. Divine love is not fairytale, not a pipe dream, it doesn’t only exist in movies – it is real. Be open to receiving it, and when you come across it, don’t run away from all the love, inner challenges and fear that comes with it. Believe it will come into your life, don’t give up on love."

A momentous three-way high-five with Kezia Suryaputra and Sandra Giarta – our two directors – to kick off our first day and first scene of shooting. The first scene was at a beach and thankfully there weren’t too many people around. It was a cold winter’s day in Sydney and I was nervous about how cold it would get but the sun kept me warm.

A moment for the dress! This dress was designed by Intan Sucipto and Vanessa Tjia specifically for this video. Sage green was an important colour for the release and they created this stunning piece to match, made to my measurements.

One of my favourite shots from the video! I didn’t know what the vision was when I was in front of the camera but once I saw this I was in love, it was so ethereal and really looked otherworldly.

This was the last scene of day 1 and the sunset was stunnnnnning! I had sung the song numerous times but as the day went on, the emotion behind my performance deepened. I was super emotional by the end of the day but didn’t expect everyone else to be too. Seeing others on set get emotional impacted me – there’s a lot of power in this song. The entire day reminded us of our innate desire to love and be loved. Day 1 was a success!

Paparazzi moment!

Look two was a pretty white dress that Kristie styled. I really loved this look – it was simple and really complemented the vast green hills behind me. We captured a few running shots in this dress too which came out beautifully in the video! There’s something about white that captures purity and intention.

And that was a wrap for our two day shoot! At this point the sun had started to set, the wind was at 30km/h and the temperature was 12 degrees so as soon as Daniel Cai (cinematographer) got the shot and the directors yelled cut, everyone came rushing towards me with blankets. This shoot was truly special, the crew were all passionate and beautiful people who put so much effort into capturing everything perfectly. We all felt quite ‘divine’ by the end of it and my connection to the song transformed. It was no longer just about the person I wrote it for, it was about me, the love I have within myself and the love I hope to share with someone one day, whoever they may be, whenever that may be.


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