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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Ugly Cry is out now!

Image: Jack Fenby.

Adelaide outfit, The Tullamarines have dropped their new EP, Ugy Cry. To celebrate the release, they're taking us behind-the-scenes of their recording process whilst creating the collection of songs.

“Once the bones of the songs were written, the fun part began. We all started to tinker away on the production style and sonic elements until we found the way the song that felt best for us and the most “Tullies”. The majority was recorded at the studio over a couple of weekends but we added some extra embellishments in each of our home studio spaces and then the songs were mostly mixed by ourselves too." says band member Lucinda Machin.

A very stressed Benny at Joshes house during our final pre-production demo session. Channelling his inner Fred-again with a spontaneous buzzcut (whether this had anything to do with the aforementioned stress has yet to be confirmed by Benny).

Tired Tullies adding extra sparkles and finishing touches to the EP. This was a very late-night session due to everyone’s clashing work schedules, with some of us starting at 5 again the next morning. We were exhausted but so excited by what we were working on and happy to be together.

Cin laying down synth lines on the PT-50. This was our secret weapon throughout recording the EP. It features at least once on every track and is super good for creating warm, whacky and interesting sounds that bring a song to life.

Marky Mark Machin – Tullies number 1 fan and supporter (also cin’s dad) hyping us up during a mixing session. This was probably taken moments after he tried to convince us to crack out the marshall stack and get some ‘real tones’. Which would explain the look on Angus’ face.

DIY cover art shoot for ‘I’m So’ with our long term collaborator Jack Fenby. No idea or timeframe is too hard or too crazy for this man. Cake was decorated by Cin and run over with Joshes mums bike while Jack snapped it.

Ugly Cry is out now!


Friday, November 17th Lion Arts Factory Adelaide w/ Molly Rocket & Sunsick Daisy

Friday, November 24th Felons Barrel Hall Brisbane

Wednesday, December 6th The Gasometer Hotel Melbourne

Friday, December 15th Towradgi Beach Hotel Wollongong supporting Dante Knows


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