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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Anthony is out now!

Image: Claire Louise.

Melbourne based indie-pop singer/songwriter Romanie has shared her new single, Anthony. To celebrate the release, the singer is taking us behind-the-scenes of her recording process whilst creating the song.

“I remember coming home from the cinema late at night and getting this wave of inspiration. I sat down with my guitar and wrote the song almost completely in one go. We were still in and out of lockdowns and I was chatting on Zoom with my friends from overseas Michiel and Kate who encouraged me to finish the song. The first band rehearsal back, we played Anthony through and it felt like magic to make this song into something bigger with my band, so much fun.” Romanie shares.

Gormie’s studio is located in Pakenham so everyday we would drive out of town. The first day we hadn’t even left my driveway and we were already playing around with weird gear.

Anthony is all about nostalgia, so needless to say when I found a tape machine at Salvos I just had to buy it. We unfortunately didn’t get to make it record but had the best time listening to old ACDC tapes.

Hamish and Gormie setting up the vocal booth at the start of the day. We got into the habits of driving through Maccas for breakfast and stopping at 7/11 to get sandwiches for lunch. Probably all I was thinking about in that exact moment.

Me and Lachie after tracking the drums. We were beaming because we had also just managed to catch a massive spider after I had shaken up the whole town by screaming "SPIDER!".

Whilst recording Anthony I played a Fender Jazzmaster for the first time. It was love at first play so after the first day in the studio I bought my signature green one off Facebook Marketplace as soon as we wrapped up the day in Pakenham.

Anthony is out now!


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