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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


One Way Ticket to Midnight is out now!

Image: Kyle Huninghake.

Denver-Colorado based five-piece indie-rockers, Mainland Break have shared their anticipated debut album One Way Ticket to Midnight. To celebrate the release, the band are taking us behind-the-scenes of their recording process whilst creating the record.

“One Way Ticket to Midnight takes the listener through a lonely, reflective night that recalls distant friendships, lost love, and missed opportunity. It begins at sundown, with the golden nostalgia of “Calling After” and builds to the revelry of “One Way Ticket to Midnight” – set at the height of the night. The album works towards sunrise, but never realises the dawn, and leaves the listener alone and grasping at fading memories.” the band share.

Here’s us in the studio with our producer and engineer, Mark Anderson. The record wouldn’t be possible without his expertise. We shared many good laughs along the way and he was our favourite part of the recording process.

The night before we began recording, we played a show with Quivers (Melbourne) on their U.S. tour. Their tuneful jangle pop helped us get inspired for our studio time. Here’s us getting doughnuts with them after the show.

We celebrated Evan’s birthday while recording at Cowboy Cowabunga. There’s nothing better than rocking out with your best friends as you reel in your 666th year.

Just before we put the finishing touches on the album, we took a break to travel and see Kiwi Jr. perform. It was much-needed time away that helped us to refocus for the final days. It’s also fun to geek out over a favourite band.

We tracked guitars, vocals, keys, and assorted percussion at Cowboy Cowabunga in the cosy mountain town of Evergreen, Colorado. These wood panelled walls started to feel like a second home towards the end of the recording process. Here’s us going over takes for the solo on “One Way Ticket to Midnight” with Mark.

One Way Ticket to Midnight is out now!


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