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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Shift is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Fractures has unveiled his new album, Shift. To celebrate the release, the musician is taking us to the iconic Phonica record store in London to dig through the crates with him!

Shift represents change for me… Each song is the result of different individual influences, artists that overlapped with my sensibilities, and of me exploring different approaches to electronic music. The whole album represents the progress of that journey of learning that I’m still on.” the musician shares.

Doing my best to muster a smile outside the shopfront, ends up at half-mast. A person in hi-vis decided to be a part of the photo, such was the joy emanating from me. Had made the trip from Haggerston to Soho/West End to check out their wares.

Another flubbed take off for a smile - film photography is unforgiving. No delete option here. The store itself is quite unassuming, in a relatively unspectacular or noteworthy street.

Looking at records is hard work so I rest my weary legs on the much loved sofa just inside the entry. I don’t remember which record I’m looking at but knowing me it’s probably really interesting and unique and cool and no one but me has heard of it or something. In fact it was Overmono.

Let the digging commence. Such a collection of electronic music. All the genres, most of which I’d never known, had their own titles, all of which I won’t remember. I just say electronic music to be safe.

Taking in the ‘what’s new/good’ wall - my name for it, it didn’t have a name. Really solidified how out of touch with music I am. I used to work in a music store too. Oh well.

Dig dig dig. To pull back the curtain a bit, none of the ‘vinyls’ I’m sifting through are their actual covers or discs. Their front and back covers are printed and affixed to an LP cover sized piece of cardboard in place of the real deal which I assume is somewhere behind the counter. I’m just so adept at living a lie that I make the view THINK I am in fact sifting through real vinyl. Nonetheless the options are vast and impressive.

What’s on rotation wall/best of wall/new release wall/etc. Just a big old wall of records Overmono has been a favourite of late.

POV walking in the front door. Array of vinyl players to the right where you can preview any records you might want to buy. I should’ve taken note of what they were playing through the PA, but I didn’t, so there we go. Rest assured it was good.

Deep in the dig.

Alternate angle of me having a little rest for my little legs and average sized feet. Merch in the background, fellow diggers fighting over an LP.

I’m running out of clever things to say. For what it’s worth I didn’t make the pile next to me, and people who did that when I worked at a music store (JB Hi-Fi) were the bane of my existence and I wish them nothing but bad things. Put away your records PLEASE.

Roni Size placard photobombing. I have his song Who Told You drilled into my head from being a young boy and having a playlist of about 5 songs in winamp on an old PC (new at the time). I didn’t necessarily like the song, but it was hypnotic. Who knew you were allowed to say the same thing for so long throughout the course of a song. I learned a lot.

Been giving this Loyle Carner record a spin lately. As in I’ve been playing it on Spotify. Production is so, so nice and he’s got a great flow. Only problem is I don’t really hear lyrics when I listen so it’ll take me a few more goes to take in what he’s saying but I like how it sounds very much.

Another current rotation - I, Jordan. Love their vibe, what they’re about. That kind of meeting point of melancholy and uplifting is the aim of the game for me when I’m making my own music so I definitely gravitate towards similar stuff when it finds me.

Chaos in the CBD - just good vibes all around with these guys. Everything they do. Love to cross paths with them some beautiful day.

D’Angelo. A formative one. This album has a lot to answer for. The sonics, the sludge-ridden grooves. This was a revelation when I first heard it. If I had the $60 to burn I’d put it in the collection, alas, I need that money to buy Zelda.

Giving the signature Fractures scowl as I’m ON THE MOVE to Phonica. Don’t get in my way or I will politely go around you, but with a scowl on my face.

The wall ft. the sofa. This one explains itself.

The smile I’d been hinting at, it finally emerged. I hope it was worth the wait. Thank you for coming on this journey with me.

Shift is out now!


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