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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Day/Night is out now!

Image: Remi Ferrante Hartman

Australian electro pop five-piece Parcels are set to return to Australian stages! Off the back of the arrival of their highly-anticipated sophomore album, Day/Night, the group will also visit Europe, the UK, and the USA.

Kicking off at Sydney's Enmore Theatre on October 27, the run of shows will continue on to Brisbane on October 29, before wrapping up with two shows at Melbourne's Forum on November 3 and 4. Tickets go on sale on December 15, with a pre-sale from Tuesday 14 December.

Day/Night offers up two juxtaposing sides, Day and Night, with each side offering up different views and perspectives of the inner and outer self, and the world we exist in. With over 150 demos going into the project, the band spent three months between touring and working on the album getting reacquainted with their instruments sharing: "it was like instrument boot camp, we'd been touring and playing the songs over and over again and we were becoming rigid; we weren’t having a conversation with our instruments. We came in every day, put on songs that we liked, talked about their different elements and learned how to play them: classic blues, soul, folk, funk, heavy metal.”

Intricately weaving together threads of western folk and classic pop, the five-piece explore new sonic terrain, creating a layered and textural collection of songs. Across the body of work, Parcels explore the duality of life, navigating the juxtaposition of identity vs anonymity, family vs independence, belonging vs isolation and nostalgia vs projection. Alongside the album, the band have shared a visual for Famous, directed by Carmen Crommelin.

Day/Night is out now!


Pre-sale from Tuesday 14 December

General on sale from Wednesday 15 December

Thurs 27 October - Enmore Theatre, Sydney

Sat 29 October - The Tivoli, Brisbane

Thurs 3 November - Forum, Melbourne

Fri 4 November - Forum, Melbourne


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