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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Pandamic have returned with their catchy new track, Bus, bringing their dynamic quality to the track. Recorded at Bedlam Records (Bugs, Beddy Rays, The Babe Rainbow), the track serves as a massive 'jog on mate' to that one person who grinds your gears, set atop a grungy skater-punk soundscape. Made complete with catchy melodies and a chanting chorus, Bus is your new favourite track!

Speaking of the release, lead guitarist and vocalist Rhys shares: “To be straight, I don’t want anyone to get hit by a bus. That would be horrific…. But if this particular person did get hit by a bus, I wouldn’t care heaps about it? To me this song is just about getting to say “Fuck You” to that one person; without even having to say it! Even though we do say it 4 times!”

The release is accompanied by an official visual, which depicts the band playing the song at a variety of locations, including a bus stop. “We thought for this song it would be hilarious to dress up like Sunbus Drivers and play at a bus stop! There were people looking over their fences and yelling out to us, and the poor school kids getting off a bus every 5 minutes had no idea what was going on!" says Rhys. "We tried to do a couple things that bus drivers would do after work (like go to a pub and film ourselves yelling at the TAB - but we found out that’s not allowed) but the owner let us cop a beer and get a little bit of footage there! We also went to film at a train track in a cul-de-sac - outside of the Australia Post’s warehouse in Brisbane - to film and that was hilarious, their gatekeeper was a lord and let us film there for a couple hours - cheers Glen!”

Bus is out now! Watch the visual below.


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