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Image: Supplied.

Rising UK bedroom-pop artist Oscar Welsh is back with his new track, Busy. Full of the musicians charismatic personality and bubbly energy, the track sees Welsh explore that age old feeling of not wanting to commit to something, and telling just a tiny fib by saying you're too busy to get out of it.

Made complete with clever lyricism and cheeky phrases, Busy continues the musicians genre-defying sonics, weaving together Soulful R&B with chilled rap and slacker-pop. The release is just another example of Welsh's knack for capturing the essence of being young during a very specific moment in history.

Speaking on the track, Welsh shares: "Busy is about how we hate to spend ages zooming around on public transport to see people we can’t be bothered to see. Sometimes I lie about being ‘busy’ to get out of seeing people, and I think everyone is guilty of that."

At just 18-years-old, Welsh has released a string of genre-bending singles, with his debut EP, Vernal, dropping last year. Influenced by the likes of Stevie Wonder and Ed Sheeran, the musician explored different avenues of music in his early teens, before finding himself immersed within the world of production. "The funnest part to me was finding out that anyone can just download Logic and make music – which is what I did. I learnt how to make beats, and I'd put things on a Soundcloud for feedback,' he enthuses. 'There are no barriers now, and nothing standing between you sitting down, learning how to do something on your laptop and creating something."

Busy is out now! Listen to the track below.


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