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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the music video below!

Image: Michelle Grace Hunder.

Ocean Grove are back! The trio have treated us all with their brand new track SILVER LINING, alongside the announcement of their third album, Up In The Air Forever, set to arrive this April.

Their latest offering from the album, SILVER LINING is a call to push through life's harder moments and remain optimistic as brighter days reveal themselves on the horizon. The uplifting track is accompanied by an official visual, created by The AV Club and laced with dreamy nostalgia.

“We want nothing but to empower the listener with a positive mental attitude (PMA), especially in their darkest hours when they may feel completely lost in themselves or in the loss of a loved one. Life isn’t meant to be easy and there is always a reason to keep fighting for the beauty in the pain, even when the way out of the darkness seems impossible. Where there is hope, there is power if we choose to tap into this PMA mentality. Death is a tool to remind us of the importance of every moment we are alive." Ocean Grove share.

"Time is scarce, use it wisely and let 'SILVER LINING' be an anthem for the loving lost, that they are eternal and will be remembered with fierce optimism. There are great lessons to be learnt from solitude and it doesn’t have to last a lifetime. All will be okay in the temporary separation, and until the moment we meet our loved ones once again, we will fight every day on this planet to uphold their legacy and wisdom in the best way we know how.”

Across ten tracks, Ocean Grove are set to push the boundaries of their sound, weaving in threads of Brit-rock, pop, grunge and punk into the records sonic palette. The genre-bending release celebrates individuality and celebrates personal freedom, expression and creativity. The album follows up the bands 2020 sophomore record Flip Phone Fantasy, which debuted at #8 ARIA Album Chart and receiving critical acclaim upon its release.

Up In The Air Forever is out April 22! Watch the music video for SILVER LINING below.


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