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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Nora Zehetner

Actress, filmmaker, comedian and singer-songwriter Noël Wells has shared the mesmerising visual for her latest single, Follow Me. Directed by Christian O’Keefe and Michael Priestley at Overlay Films, the nostalgia fuelled clip reflects the thematics of the track, which tells the tale of an individual feeling a disconnect between their body and soul following a traumatic event.

“This song was the most intimate song on my debut album,“Wells said. “The re-release of it feels very appropriate for the time, as we’re re-emerging into a changed world and the lyrics really are about someone going through a rebirth.” Wells shares. “When I was pitched the music video, it felt like it mapped this journey perfectly,” she continues. “From this disconnected, voyeuristic long shot to this last setup in an intimate close-up on the swing, a fun and heavenly sequence is revealed that invites the viewer to live in a shared joy.”

Having starred in Saturday Night Live and Master of None, and written, directed and starred in Mr. Roosevelt, Wells found herself at a creative crossroads, deciding to follow her musical path. In 2019, the artist released her debut album It’s So Nice!, made up of eleven original tracks.

Watch the visual for Follow Me below.


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