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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Image: Dana Trippe.

Pond frontman and multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Allbrook has dropped his new single, Jackie. The release arrives alongside the announcement of the musicians new body of work, Manganese.

The track serves as a tribute to those who have passed on, with Allbrook's mesmerising vocals floating above a moving soundscape heralded my magnetic guitar melodies. Allbrook will return to the stage in Fremantle next month, performing at the Buffalo Club on Friday 10 March, and Mojos on Sunday 12 March. For all ticketing information, please visit here.

"This song is about my friend (whose name isn’t Jackie) who died in 2021." Allbrook shares, "She was fantastic and the news left me with familiar feelings of guilt and regret and “why didn’t I do more or know better”. I don’t usually get hit with creative bolts while running, but by the canal once in London I was struck with the hopeful image of her rowing away from the earth that had been so hurtful and hard, on a black lake surrounded by stars, finally finding peace and silence. It felt nice to think about death like that, bathed in pale silver light rather than just cold. I got lots of instrumental help from Nathaniel Hoho, who bizarrely and brilliantly put in the nature documentary voice about the giant panda which should never work but somehow does."

Manganese is out June 9! Watch the visual for Jackie below.


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