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Superstar Miley Cyrus has enlisted rock icon Stevie Nicks on the official remix of her #1 song, Midnight Sky. Dubbed Edge Of Midnight, the track fuses together Miley’s chart topping track with Nick’s iconic song, Edge of Seventeen. The remix comes after Cyrus said Nicks’ song was an inspiration for the chorus of Midnight Sky. After some fan made remixes appeared on line, the two legends teamed up to give fans what they want. “Stevie Nicks has always been my idol & an inspiration. It’s an honour to now call her my friend and collaborator.” Miley shared in a post on Instagram. Nicks returned the sentiments, saying “Duet with Miley…Magical! Loved singing with her!”. The remix will appear on Miley’s seventh studio album, Plastic Hearts, due out later this month.


ARIA Award winning rapper Illy has dropped his new single, Cheap Seats with Brisbane band WAAX. Set to an indie-rock soundscape, the track is a reminder of the happiness found in the simple moments of life. "Cheap Seats is all about remembering how good the simple things are," the rapper shared. “Like the happiness you feel when having the piss taken out of you by your oldest friends. It's about always keeping a young spirit." The song is set to appear on the musicians upcoming sixth studio album, The Space Between. Due out next January, the record came to be over the past three years, with the rapper recording the album across Melbourne, New York, L.A. and Berlin. The Space Between will feature collaborations with Guy Sebastian G Flip and Robinson.


UK girl group Little Mix have returned with their sixth studio album, Confetti. The record features the previously released singles Break Up Song, Holiday, and Sweet Melody. The record marks the groups first release since leaving their former record label, Syco Music. Infusing R&B influences within a pop soundscape, the four-piece bring their unrivalled harmonies to the collection of songs. Sometimes feeling like a late 90’s / early 2000’s record, there is a nostalgic quality to Confetti, bringing sounds of the past into a contemporary soundscape.


F*CK LOVE (SAVAGE) is the debut mixtape from Sydney hop-hop artist The Kid LAROI. Complete with 11 tracks and four phone call skits, the new deluxe edition of the release features seven new tracks. The new songs see the singer reflect on the past year of his life, assessing the personal changes he’s made. The release sees the rapper collaborate with Young Boy Never Broke Again, Internet Money, Marshmello, and Machine Gun Kelly, alongside his previously released collaborations with Lil Mosey, Corbin and Juice WRLD.


Auckland based indie-pop three-piece LA Women have shared their new track, Daydreams. The track is an ode to the trios home town of Masterton and the courage required when taking a chance on your true purpose. “Growing up in a small town inherently makes you dream big in a way,” the band shared. “This song is an ode to that feeling and to encourage and empower people to pursue their dreams no matter how outrageous they may seem. Just like that old saying goes, ‘if you do a job you love you will never work a day in your life.'” Full of heart-filled guitar and a damn catchy riff, the tracks warm melodies strike a chord with sentimental lyricism floating above. The song is the bands third release of the year, with an EP set to drop in early 2021.


Hayley Mary has dropped her first new music since the release of her debut EP The Piss, The Perfume. Her new track The Chain was written back in March on the evening Hayley was scheduled to fly out to begin touring The Piss, The Perfume, but was grounded due to the Covid-19 pandemic. What resulted is a bold, pop offering that showcases some of Hayley’s most impressive song writing to date, despite at the time it feeling like the saddest song she’d ever penned. “The night I wrote ‘The Chain’ the pandemic was erupting around us all. Venues were closing and I received the news that my flights and headline shows were cancelled. I sat in my apartment in Melbourne staring at my suitcase. Not quite ready to start unpacking and let go of the momentum of my little rock n roll dream, I picked up the guitar and wrote what felt like, at the time, the saddest song I’d ever written. Sonically and melodically, however, it’s one of my most up-lifting.” the singer shared. “It was a feeling I’d had before akin to depression that there is some kind of invisible magic chain holding me to the earth and keeping me from moving forward or climbing higher, which if I pull too hard on or try to escape from, seems to have devastating consequences behind or beneath me. But this time it was an odd sort of happy-sad because for the first time I felt like the chain not only held me down, it connected me to everything and everyone else. For a brief moment, everyone could see it and feel it at exactly the same time.”


Jelani Blackman has dropped his new track Foolish, featuring Essie Gang’s L3. The release sees the singer at his most dynamic, with his unmistakable deep vocals flowing over a swaggering beat and heavyweight bassline with L3’s whispered verse providing the perfect contrast. “Foolish is me talking to myself the morning after a night out with a smile on my face and some memories that I might want to forget. I would always do it all again because I think everyone should live life fully and make mistakes, mistakes can lead you to the best times.” the musician shares.


Melbourne artist Jordan Dennis' new EP HDMI2 dropped this week via his eponymous label imprint with The Orchard and The Operatives. Speaking of the release, the musician said: “HDMI2 is an amalgamation of tracks that continue what has become for me a Jordan Dennis type multiverse. Where HDMI1 was localised to planet earth, HDMI2 is like watching inter-dimensional cable where the access to shows spans any universe, planet or dimension and every track sets a new scene.”


Malaysian-born, Sydney-based artist Dyan Tai is back with an ethereal, silky new dance track, Freedom. Perfectly exhibiting the singers vocal abilities, the track is inspired by traditional Chinese music, using instruments such as the Guzheng in the melody. “I spent a lot of time during my childhood in Malaysia not living authentically and not being the best version of myself,” Tai says. “Freedom (自由) is a celebration of our truest potential. The song is about self- love and self-respect by living truthfully. When we find freedom, it will wash away our insanity.”


Indie-electro duo Yuto. have released their debut EP Self Aware, consisting of four new songs. The duo, brothers Daylan and Coben, curated the collection of songs to portray who they are as musicians and artists, finding themselves moving away from their personas. "For a long time we were striving to be certain artists and that was hurting us as a project," says the duo. Being more self aware has lead us to developing our own unique sound," Daylan shared. The EP is led by their new single Slow, which sees the duo collaborate with Melbourne vocalist Priya Francis. The brothers posted the demo to their Instagram profile, promoting Francis to reach out asking to work together.


Melbourne artist Juice Webster has released her new single Let The Dog Out, produced by partner Simon Lam. Speaking of the single, Webster explains; ''Let The Dog Out is about waking up in the morning and straight away anticipating the onset of the heavy feelings that stem from the big questions. It’s about trying your best to fight them off by going for a walk to be around other people, or by trying to believe in something in order to find meaning, but not quite being able to. I didn’t grow up in a religious household, nor did I attend a religious school, but I find that when I’m struggling to comprehend certain events or happenings, I have this real desire to believe in some greater power in order to make sense of them. I, like many other people, feel very affected by unjust stories - bad things happening to good people - and in those moments I just really wish that I truly believed there was a reason for it. 'Let The Dog Out' is about this desire.'


Canberra singer-songwriter, Sophie Edwards returns with her brand new single Seconds. The track navigates feelings of numbness and lost, craving connection and purpose. Fusing together jazz, folk, acoustic and contemporary genres, the emotive track captures moments of self-doubt and vulnerability. "The song is trying to connect people who feel like their lack of feelings aren't valid. I want to encourage everyone to relax and realise their importance in the world despite not necessarily feeling important or useful" explains Sophie.


Sydney-based dream-pop duo Micra have shared their shimmering new single, Coral Crush. The track is a combination of the duos signature widescreen soundscapes with a fiery, anthemic chorus, further exploring the pop music realm. The duo shared: “Coral Crush follows a confrontation between two people and how they are influencing each other. Incompatibilities can slowly wear down a relationship over time. Once it comes time to confront it all the harder decisions are usually the healthier ones. We wanted to make something that felt more light-hearted and fun than what we have put out previously. It’s a little bit less laboured over, minimal and pop oriented.”


Leeds based trio Gotts Street Park are back with their new single, Ivory. The instrumental track showcases the bands flair for electronica and is set to appear on their upcoming EP Volume Two, due out later this month. Speaking on Ivory GSP said: “Ivory was initially a jam recorded in joshs old living room in armley, Leeds. Josh was experimenting with different mics and studio setups and the sound he’d gotten on that morning kinda inspired us to go in this direction. We were all vibing off Toms piano playing and the tune/jam developed around that. We listened back and spliced together our favourite sections... we usually focus on catching full live takes, but we were happy with the instant result and decided not to fuck with it too much!”


South Coast band Maple Mall have just released their debut single, Jun’s So Fast. The four-piece have been working away, fusing together their individual influences to create their own soundscape. The garage rock track comes sees before the band will support The Terrys at their hometown show during The Tezz Fest Tour.


Producer, musician and vocalist Skeleten has shared the visual for his new single, Mirrored. Filmed across Sydney, the musician appears alone in a bedroom in Hurlstone Park, dancing in front of ANZAC Bridge, an aquatic centre in the city and alongside the cliffside vents at Kurnell, providing snapshots of a year in flux, in isolation. Directed by Skeleten himself, Russell Fitzgibbon, award-winning, Sydney based, Aboriginal cinematographer Tyson Perkins also worked on the project. Skeleten spoke of the visual, sharing: “Making this music has always been about sinking into time and place and feeling yourself reflected back, so I think that's what we tried to channel with the video. Like the music, I wanted it to be really simple and meditative, and for my performance to be basically straight unfiltered vibing it in these heightened resonant places. I never feel like I want extra layers of meaning in a clip, I just want it to embody the song.”


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