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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos



To celebrate the fifth anniversary of her debut album, Badlands, Halsey has released her first live album. Recorded at New York City’s Webster Hall mid last year, Badlands (Live From Webster Hall) features live recordings of every track off the singers iconic debut. The anniversary has also been marked with a new website, Visit Badlands. On the site, fans can find never before seen photos and visuals as well as new exclusive merchandise. On the site, the singer shared a letter where she said “IT IS DIFFICULT TO DESCRIBE WHAT BADLANDS MEANS TO ME. I OFTEN DIVIDE MY LIFE INTO PERIODS OF “BEFORE BADLANDS” AND “AFTER BADLANDS”, BECAUSE AT A CERTAIN POINT I WAS EJECTED FROM MY BODY AND WOKE UP BEHIND THE EYES OF SOMEONE ELSE." The singer also said she had more plans to mark the anniversary that were unable to go ahead due to the COVID-19 pandemic, teasing fans they’ll have t wait for Badland’s ten year anniversary. Some eagle eye fans have spotted that hidden within the letter, a hyperlink to another website exists, with the singer teasing an impending release on Twitter.


Two People, made up of Phoebe Lou and Joey Clough, have released their breathtaking sophomore album, Second Body. Over nine tracks, the duo take listeners on a dark journey that gives an introspective look at relationships and self, tension and release, transportive and immersive. Of the record, the duo shared: “10 yrs of collaboration and cuppas and anxiety and purpose and lols has led us here. We love this record. And if you get anything at all from it, we will feel good.”


British superstar Dua Lipa has dropped the highly anticipated remix album of her sophomore release, Future Nostalgia. Dubbed Club Future Nostalgia: The Remix Album, the record is a collection of remixes of all of Lipa’s Future Nostalgia tracks and includes collaborations with the legendary Madonna, Missy Elliot and Gwen Stefani with Mark Ronson on board to remix. The album has been mostly remixed by American DJ, producer and musician, The Blessed Madonna, with Ronson having worked on a remix for Physical. If that’s not enough, the album includes samples of hit tracks from Stevie Nicks and Jamiroquai. To celebrate the release, Lipa has shared an official visualiser for the remix album on her YouTube account.


Sydney rapper Chillinit has shared his new single, On Hold. The track, written three years ago, navigates the highs and lows of fame and addiction. Written three years ago, On Hold is the first release off the rappers upcoming mixtape.


Newcastle band, Dave The Band, have released their debut album Slob Stories. Recorded in Chicago with Steve Albini of Pixies, the conversational collection of tracks capture the energy of the band and their honest and relatable view that chronicles the ups and downs of everyday life. On their impeccable debut, Dave The Band will have you raving around your living room and crying into your couch pillows on the wild ride that is Slob Stories.


K-Pop supergroup have released their new song, Ice Cream. On the dance-pop track, the group collaborate with Selena Gomez while using ice cream as a metaphor to describe themselves. The music video sees the artists in colourful settings, performing their stellar choreography, with Gomez stepping into Blackpink’s world of highly stylised and visually stunning music videos.


On their latest track, Fly Me To Rome, Sydney band Sinclaire explores wanting to scape from normality and take flight with a loved one - something we can all appreciate during the current pandemic. The synth-led track is simmers above a euphoric soundscape with a dreamy vocal performance from frontman Michael Cross. Sinclaire have delivered your new favourite alt-pop dreamy track!


Calvin Harris and The Weeknd have teamed up on their new collaboration, Over Now. Combining The Weeknd’s smooth RNB vocals with Harris’ skilful production, the song is a funky breakup jam. The accompanying music video depicts a psychedelic avatar of the singer, dressed as his alter ego from the After Hours era music videos, situated within a variety of colourful landscapes.


Mia Rodriguez has followed up her debut single with the new track, Beautiful & Bittersweet. Co-written by Rodriguez and produced with Dave Hammer, the track documents a toxic relationship that has its hold on the singer. “I wrote it about some of my past experiences and it seems to be a problem no one really talks about. It is really hard to cut people out of your life, so I hope this song can be a little push into realising that you need some self-care and cut those people off baby!” Rodriguez said of the track.


Wollongong band Satin Cali have dropped their debut single, Orange. The punchy surf-rock track features a stellar guitar solo with lead singer Zac Goluch giving a raw and commanding vocal performance.


Brisbane born musician Jack Botts has dropped Hold You Tapes, a new 3-track tape that comes after the release of his hit EP, Northern Rivers, late last year. Of the title track, the singer shared: "'Hold You' was written somewhere between Byron Bay and Vancouver, and it explains the feeling of falling headfirst into a romance. Reminiscing on the moments you’ve shared together, but also the obstacle of a long distance love.”


I Am is the newest release from Ghanaian-Australian singer Genesis Owusu. The synth-led track was produced by Andrew Klippel, with Kirin J Callinan, Michael DiFrancesco of Touch Sensitive and World Champion’s Julian Sudek rounding out the studio band.


Sunset Suburbia is Diesel’s first album since 2016’s Americana. The 10-track release expertly exhibits the musicians vocal abilities, songwriting and self-taught production skills, also showcasing his multi-instrumentalist musicianship. Of the album, Diesel said: “It’s all of my life’s work so far brought to fruition, in many ways. It’s pretty encompassing”. He continued “Stylistically, it’s got the R&B DNA in it that’s very me.”


Aussie band Sheppard have released their new single Catalina. Written by band members George Sheppard, Amy Sheppard and Jason Bovino with Tushar Apte and Steph Jones, the track is inspired by the sunny California lifestyle and desert.


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