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Image: Matt Hurley

On her third EP, The Final Pieces, New Zealand singer Navvy closes the book on a story that has played out over three releases. That story is one of heartbreak, more specifically navigating your first heartbreak. Wanting to steer clear of a traditional album at this point in her career, the singer has created a trilogy that in a sense feels like one full-length release, but also have their own independence within the wider conceptual realm they’re situated in. On The Final Pieces, the classically trained opera singer cements her place as one of pop musics most exciting up and coming acts.

The release opens with the solemn and mournful, I Learned To Lose A Friend So Young. On the track, the singer navigates loss and grief and all the emotions that follow, especially dealing with mourning at a young age. The track takes on a couplet form, using successive lines of verse, giving the emotional track a poetic feel. Navvy wrote the song with Wells* and her ex- boyfriend, who was also friends with the singers late friend. With Navvy’s releases making her breakup the focal point of the tracks, reuniting to write this song together provided a point of closure, which seems to be the overall theme of The Final Pieces.

Running In My Sleep is a synth-pop lullaby that is quite literally about dreams of running. The ethereal track expertly exhibits the higher register of the former opera singers voice, over a soundscape that has the juxtaposing clarity and fuzziness of a dream.

On Somebody Else, Navvy channels the lyrical mastermind of global-superstar Taylor Swift. The light and airy track feels like it could fit into Swift’s record breaking album 1989. With catchy lyrics and melodies over top-quality production, the track is centered around the singers realisation that sometimes we aren’t able to be there for someone at all times. Sometimes you need to put your mental health first and assign your own limits, focus on your own self-preservation. “You got drama keep it to yourself, you need help from somebody else” she nonchalantly sings on the catchy chorus.

The release closes with the reflective Pieces. On the track, the singer comes to the realisation that she has left behind the feelings of sorrow that came with the end of her longtime relationship, and finds herself feeling healed. Without realising, her heart and head have done all the work, picking up all the pieces and putting them back together.

The Final Pieces is the perfect resolution of electro-pop after a three part journey that navigates difficult life circumstances. Navvy creates a synth-pop soundscape that gives energy to the raw and emotional lyricism present throughout the release. More unfiltered than ever before, the singer has documented her journey to emotional independence and self-reflection. She leaves behind the naivety present on her first EP, resolving the heartbreak she felt, feeling more confident than ever. Like an intimate diary entry, Navvy has created a time capsule of emotions that gives listeners the reassurance that heartbreak, grief and loss are universal feelings we all have to navigate at some point. With impeccable production, a flawless vocal performance and lyrical brilliance The Final Pieces is the perfect ending to the singers breakup saga.


The Final Pieces is out now! Watch our exclusive interview with Navvy, coming next Monday.


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