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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Syrup is out now!

Image: Jaydon Ford.

Alt-rock outfit Molly Rocket have dropped their debut EP, Syrup. To celebrate the release, the band are taking MILKY through the release track by track!

“The most simple summarisation of the abstract alternative rock EP titled “syrup” is darkness through a rose coloured lens. It's appealing aesthetically and acts as a warm orange glaze atop the noise, and the topics of death, murder, isolation and lost youth. This debut summarizes the deeper angst and melancholy underneath Molly Rocket, as well as showcasing their diverse sound which utilizes elements from grunge rock, punk rock, Aussie surf rock alongside a pop undertone.” band member Georgie Evans shares.

Molly Rocket are set to join The Rions on their Scary Movies tour. Kicking off in Brisbane on May 12, the run of shows will continue on to Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne, before wrapping up in Sydney on June 2. Tickets are on sale now!


Methany is a song inspired by the brutal murders committed by infamous cannibal Joe Metheny. The lyrics never explicitly mention an actual murder occurring; however, they explore the perspective of someone who fantasies about sadistic violence and their desires to hold somebody captive.


Rabbit Hole is a deep dive into the psyche of someone experiencing some type of mental breakdown, where reality and fiction bleed into one. Taking inspiration from the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland, it explores it in a darker light.


Asphalt explores the innocence of younger days, describing how it fades and comparing it to the present. At the same time, it exists as a bittersweet love letter to the age of young adulthood. Exploring the good, bad and the uncertainty of this particular age.


Sick Puppy is a track that describes the progression of an old dog withering away showing signs of an inevitable end.


Bones the final track on the EP is written from the perspective of a character in a novella written by one of the members of Molly Rocket. It captures the protagonists isolation in the futuristic world he lives in, and his thoughts as he questions who he is, and if there is anyone in his universe left to care.

Syrup is out now!


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