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Listen to the track below!

Image: Daniel Hildebrand.

Boorloo/Perth singer-songwriter Mia June has unveiled her moving new single, Try To Cry. The track follows up the singers debut single, Fish In A Bowl, which scored June a WAMAwards nomination.

Across the track, June offers vulnerable and intimate lyricism as she navigates the demise of a relationship and its deterioration, painting vivid scenes and emotions that are brought to life by the singers compelling and honest vocal performance. Produced, mixed and mastered by Andy Lawson, Try To Cry picks up the threads of atmospheric indie-rock present on her debut, pushing on the boundaries of her sonic realm as the track continues to swell and build to a cathartic ending.

“It's about trying to drag the compassion and feeling out of someone that doesn’t want it

to be seen. Mostly, it tells a story of the gradual realisation of unhappiness and having to learn to accept that you can no longer get along with somebody you were once happy with.” the singer shares of the single.

To celebrate the release, June and her band will take to the stage at The Bird in Boorloo next Friday. Along for the fun will be Perth four-piece smol fish and Fremantle four-piece Curley, with tickets on sale now! Get in quick to buy your tickets, so you can say you were there when Australia's next superstar was starting out.

Try To Cry is out now!


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