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Listen to the track below!

Image: Supplied.

Gold Coast based rock duo Mermaid Waters have shared a new taste of their sonic fusion of nu-metal and punk, with the release of The Grudge. Following on from their debut single Royalty, the duo are expanding on the groundwork built on the track, weaving in threads of hard-rock on their new release.

Opening with fuzzy guitars and riotous percussion, the release conceptually takes on the idea of being perceived as the 'bad guy', and relishing in that perception as a form of acceptance. As they turn their back on validation, the track embodies an uneasy sonic nature, offering up tense and unnerving production that bubbles beneath a commanding vocal performance from frontman and drummer Liam M.R Chappy

Speaking of the track, Chappy shares: “ When you try to be liked and accepted by everyone, feeling left out starts to become familiar… As if you don’t belong anywhere no one gives you a chance to be yourself. It took me 20 years to accept that sometimes we don’t need validation from anyone but ourselves in order to be happy… and not everyone will see that you’re just trying your best to make it to tomorrow.”

Forming only four short months ago, Chappy and guitarist and bassist Lachlan McKay are no strangers to the Gold Coast scene, having performed in a number of tribute band and worked as session musicians for a number of local acts. Influenced by the likes of Linkin Park, Green Day, YUNGBLUD, The Amity Affliction and more, the duo are currently working on new music, teasing a string of new music set to drop for the remainder of the year.

The Grudge is out now! Listen to the track below.


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