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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The track serves as the first taste of new music since the singers debut EP, no thank you, no thanks.

Image: Supplied

Pop musician merci, mercy has shared her new single, Winnie Crush. Arriving alongside an animated visual. the release marks the singers first release since signing with Capitol Records.

Bringing her signature brand of pop-based sonics to the breezy track, the song conceptually explores the line between self-care and indulgence with reflective lyricism. Set atop lush synths, the track juxtaposes bright sonics with darker subject matter.

"It's about the toxic relationship that I have with myself," the singer shares. "I can barely afford what is good for my body let alone what's bad for it. I've tricked myself to believe this is what is good for me, that it's something that makes me happy. But I can't afford to do this to myself anymore, I can't afford a love that doesn't exist."

The release follows up the singers debut EP, no thank you, no thanks, which offered insight into the 18 year olds life and featured the previously released songs Fucked Myself Up and Fall Apart. The collection of songs weaved together themes of mental health, self doubt and the trials and tribulations that come with falling in love.

Winnie Crush is out now! Watch the music video below.


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