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Listen to the track below!

Image: Megan Donnelly.

Sydney-based singer Melita has dropped her new single, Delusional. Inspired by the likes of Raveena, Moonchild and Kali Uchis, the singer is bringing her own flair to retro-soul.

The soulful track captures the nostalgia of 70's R&B, funk and neo-soul, with grooving sonics and sultry tones unfurling throughout, building to a melodious synth-solo. Melita's smooth and full vocal tones bring the songs dreamy quality to life, as she navigates holding on to past love and the lingering emotions that rise within.

Having performed from an early age, Melita made her debut earlier this year with her single Hearticulate. The release saw the singer take to the stage at Sydney's Lazybones, and has been slowly cementing her presence within Sydney's music scene.

Delusional is out now!


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