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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Rising singer-songwriter Mel Bailey has unveiled her new single, March. The first taste of new music from the singer this year, the track reflects upon self assurance and inner strength and an ode to girl power. Set atop indie-rock sonics, Bailey's mesmerising vocals captivate and solidify the songs message and enforce the power of feminine energy.

Speaking of the track, Bailey shares: “March is an agglomeration of my inspirations to date. Growing up I would blast Beyoncé with my sister, so I wanted to include a taste of Beyoncé’s “Who Run The World?” to hold down the beat with a marching drum beat. My influences then turned to Anderson Park’s groove and funk which played a huge role in the bass and horn section. Then my trip to South America and in particular, The Amazon inspired a lot of self evaluation why I wanted to emulate with toucans, rattle snakes & monkeys throughout the track. Lyrically the track is a testament to my power for people who have tried to bring me down. It’s a reminder of self assurance and strength.”

Having released two singles last year, Wait, Stop and Running To You, Bailey began putting in the groundwork, performing across Sydney, having played to a number of sold-out crowds over the past six months. The singer is currently working on her debut EP, set for release this year.

March is out now! Listen to the track below,


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