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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Everything's Fine is set to arrive this March!

Image: Billy Zammit.

Acclaimed Australian musician Matt Corby has unveiled his new single, Reelin'. The release is accompanied by the announcement of the musicians third studio album, Everything's Fine, due out this March.

The reflective track brings Corby signature crooning vocals, unfurling above sparse percussion, grooving bass lines and relaxed guitar work that fuel the tracks slow burning soundscape, heralded by warm horns. Reelin' documents the ebb and flow of a longterm relationship, brought to life by vivid storytelling lyricism.

“I'm at a really beautiful point in my life. I'm accepting all this stuff: the good and the bad, but particularly the bad. Which is kind of great. It’s a good thing to come to that point. Life isn't always magical, but the moments that are, well you really value them. I think this record is about that, about managing your actual reality. Sometimes I have those moments when you realise: well I'm still breathing, you still have the gift of life, so everything is fine I guess?” Corby shares of the album.

Everything's Fine is out March 24! Listen to Reelin' below.


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