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Sydney based artist Martha Marlow has debuted her first single Don’t Want To Grow Up. Taking from her love of music and books Marlow makes the connection from her love of the arts growing up, to a song about the complexities of living in the the current age, where anxiety and tension run rampant. The song directly looks at the joys and heartbreak of young love, as well as her story, living with the complication of chronic pain.

The song starts as if it could feature on an episode of Bridgerton, but then with the chorus you could see it featured on a Rom-Com soundtrack. Lending to hints on what we can expect from the artist in the future.

“This is a song about the allure of love, and all the trouble that it promises. I’m looking at those innocent days in the rear vision mirror- the moment just before falling in love, with all its confusion. I’m trying to evade being captured by the feeling of falling in love itself” Marlow discusses.

Don’t Want To Grow Up is the first single to come from her debut album Medicine Man due to be released in May that will take on tones of indie and folk, along with strings and orchestral notes.

Don’t Want To Grow Up is out now


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