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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Andrew Haining.

Australian artist and multi-instrumentalist Marcus Whale has unveiled his third album, The Hunger. Spatial and atmospheric, the nine-track collection is another shining moment from the musician, bringing together sound and fashion into one simmering spectacle.

Set atop superb production, Whale's enchanting vocals take centre stage, using the metaphorical relationship of a vampire and their familiar to document and navigate a longing for a metamorphosis. The project continues the musicians longtime collaboration with costume design by Chloe Corkran & Athena Thebus, bringing an avant-garde approach to the visual identity of the record.

Speaking of the album, Whale shares: "The Hunger is a collection of songs told from the perspective of a vampire's familiar – a pitiable human servant with a taste for blood and whose deepest desire is to be turned undead like their master. This story becomes a metaphor for a deep longing for transformation, the price of devotion paid for an uncertain outcome, as well as the queer, grotesque conditions that desire and devotion imposes. In contrast with its schlocky concept, I've thought of The Hunger as my adult contemporary album, in which the horror of the vampire familiar is rendered into more tender, slow-paced forms, more insidious than imposing, more intimate than loud, more immersive than violent."

The Gadigal/Sydney based artist is known for his avant-garde approach to every aspect of his musical project, with his dramatic and immersive releases accompanied by costumes and sets that incorporate the musicians signature cowboy motif. Whale has two solo albums under his belt, 2016's Inland Sea, produced with Nigel Yang (HTRK) and 2020's Lucifer, the culmination of a series of performances that cast the fallen angel as a queer icon.

The Hunger is out now! Watch the visual for Two Holes below.


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